Health Benefits Of Sacred fig(Raavi Tree)

Ficus religiosa or sacred fig is a species of fig native to the Indian subcontinent and Indochina that belongs to Moraceae, the fig or mulberry family. It is also known as the bodhi tree, pippala tree, peepul tree, peepal tree or ashwattha tree Wikipedia
Scientific name: Ficus religiosa
Family: Moraceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Rank: Species
Higher classification: Fig trees
Health Tips
  1. It helps with fever
  2. It treats eye pain
  3. It helps with nose bleeds
  4. It helps with constipation
  5. it treats dysentery
  6. It treats asthma
  7. It is good for oral health
  8. It can treat jaundice
  9. It treats heart diseases
  10. It helps diabetics