Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

  1. After Walking Up:
  2. Activate Internal Organs.
  3. After Workout:
  4. Bring heart rate back to normal.
  5. Half an hour Befor A Meal:
  6. Help in Digestion.
  7. Before taking bath:
  8. Help to lower Blood Pressure.
  9. Before going to bed:
  10. Replenish any Fluid Loss.
  11. When you are feeling sick:
  12. Hydrate Body for Proper Function.
  13. When You are feeling tired:
  14. Recharge Your System.
  15. When surrounded by infected and sick people:
  16. Don't let settle infection in body.
  17. Helps to lose weight.
  18. Helthy skin.
  19. Fights Infection.
  20. Boost Energy.
  21. Improve Productivity.
  22. Reduce risk of Cancer.
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