Interesting facts about birds

Birds are a group of warm-blooded vertebrates constituting the class Aves, characterized by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a strong yet lightweight skeleton. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Aves
Phylum: Chordata
Rank: Class
Higher classification: Ornithurae
  • There are around 18000 different species of birds worldwide.
  • There are around 10000 different species of birds Asia.

Humming Bird

Weight: 3 g.
Distance: 1900 km.
Speed: 48 km/hr. Humming Bird

Garden Warbler

Distance: 7,262 km Travelling to Africa to europe. Garden Warbler

Bar headed goose

flying height: 9000 meters. Bar headed goose


Bar Tailed Godwit

Weight: 250 g.
Distance: 11680 km.
Travelling : Alaska to newzealand
time: 8 days Bar Tailed Godwit

Golden Plover

Distance: 3860 km.
Travelling : Sweden to South America
Golden Plover

Great Snipe

Weight:250 g.
Distance: 6800 km.
Speed: 97 km/hr.
Travelling : Sweden to Africa
Great Snipe


Blackpoll Warbler

Weight:23 g.
Distance: 6000 km.
Time: 73 hr.
Blackpoll Warbler

Arctic Tern

Weight: 100 g.
Distance: 95997 km.
Total travelling distance: 30,00,000 km. Arctic Tern